Linda Lentin K-8 Center

Dr. Steve Gallon III In the meantime… Spent time visiting Linda Lentin K-8 Center to observe the progress of the Teach for America Teacher Training Program. It is always a pleasure to see aspiring educators learn and prepare to teach and inspire our students. #OneCommunity #OneDistrict #AllSchools #AllChildren [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”10792,10793,10794,10795,10796″]

Dr. Steve Gallon III 07-06-17

In the meantime… Discussing the improvement of school letter grades as well as the critical need to continue to focus on improving Reading, Math, and Science proficiency rates for all students. We still have tremendous work to do. Let’s go! #OneCommunity #OneDistrict #AllSchools #AllChildren [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”8830,8831,8832,8833,8834,8835,8836,8837″]

Dr. Steve Gallon III 07-02-17

Blessings and gratitude to Pastor Art Jackson and the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Miami Gardens Family for a beautiful day of worship and honor of education in District 1. In addition to my giving an update on the success in District 1, Pastor Jackson recognized the leadership of the Carol City Middle School and…

Dr. Steve Gallon III 06-30-17

CHANGE… In 2016, District 1 had the highest number of “F” schools. In 2016 after being elected, I placed failing schools as my first priority agenda item as a School Board Member, receiving unanimous co-sponsorship and support from my colleagues. Push until something happens… In 2017, District 1 has NO “F” schools. *Carol City Middle,…