Dr. Steve Gallon III (01-21-2017)

In the meantime… State Championship Carol City Chiefs Community Parade and Awards Celebration. Proud to join principal Jamarv Dunn, coach Aubrey Hill, faculty, staff, parents, supporters, and members of the community to celebrate the 2016 State Football Championship. #OneCommunity #OneDistrict #AllSchools #AllChildren [vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”2552,2553,2554,2555,2556″]

Dr. Steve Gallon III (01-15-2017)

Amazing turnout at the Gamma Zeta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Youth Symposium. Great time serving as keynote speaker to parents on an array educational issues and on the value and importance of parental and community involvement and high expectations. Kudos to Dr. Cynthia Mitchell Clarke, Chapter President Andrea…